Kelowna Chiropractic Office Offers the Benefits of a Good Massage

Source, Getting a real therapeutic massage can have many healthful benefits. But the massage industry is rife with sexual massages. If you go to a masseuse, you might be offered a sexual favor. So going to a refutable massage establishment is a good idea. Or use a reference.

Some of the benefits of a healthful massage include relaxation, rejuvenation of the mind body and spirit and a clarity of the soul. But if you don’t work on your soul, you will always need a massage. You have to learn to relax within, to just be. To be still and know that I am God. Said the Bible.

Yes, a massage can relax the body, and along with the peaceful act of meditation, restore the soul. But my experience with a massage at a Kelowna chiropractor made me more nervous than anything. If you are shy, you might not like a massage, and find it invades your private space. My friend gave me a massage and I felt much more relaxed.

Melting away tension is important, but you can also work up a sweat in the gym and relax too. It’s all a matter of mind and getting in touch with your body. I use the gym as a way to feel more alive. It is a reward in itself. If I couldn’t work out, I would go insane.

While there is no doubt in my mind a massage would be good for healing and beneficial, you can also give yourself a massage using your hands to work the joints and muscles on your arms, legs and back. My grandmother is alive and kicking at 95 and has been doing this for years. She also does stretches and calisthenics in bed.

We have to promise to ourselves to be kind to ourselves and do what is right for our bodies. This includes not eating too much, especially of junk foods that don’t nourish you. And to speak kindly to ourselves so that we are more loving and respond to better treatment by doing our best.

Health is about balance. You can be too thin, too fat, to tense, too soft and flabby. Don’t let your ego tell you that you have to be better than everyone. Just be yourself. And it doesn’t have to be a fight that way. You can just be fit and be you and be strong and honor God.

Massage can be a step towards a healthier body and outlook, it can help you be more peaceful and kind. But you can certainly do the same thing at home without spending a fortune and get health benefits of someone else massaging you.